Safety & security message

Hello! My name is David Faragalli, and this used to be my development portfolio page.

Unfortunately, I was recently harassed, threatened, doxed, and defamed by actor Isaiah Washington on Twitter (now called "X"). Not only did he share my photo, my email address, and my phone number, he also shared a photo of my minor child, and our general whereabouts. Based on a screen shot from Pinterest, Isaiah Washington also conjectured—among other things—that I own a website I do not.

For the safety & security of my family, I am in the process of taking down all websites—including this one—and social media accounts. I have already submitted evidence of what I believe to be his illegal activity to both my local police department and to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and I am seeking all other available legal remedies until this matter is resolved. A summary of that evidence will be posted with a link here soon. I advise everyone not to engage this person on any social media platform as he has admittedly and repeatedly doxed people.

Thank you, and be safe.